2019-2020 Annual Report

We are pleased to share the 2019-2020 Director’s Annual Report. As you will see from the stories in this annual report, the 2019-2020 academic year was no typical year. The 2019-2020 school year saw labour unrest in the education sector across the province, followed by a global pandemic that resulted in the closure of all schools in mid-March. The Board staff was undoubtedly called upon to live out our three Strategic Commitments of “Be Well,” “Be Innovative,” and “Be Community.”

Our Board’s Spiritual Theme was “Love Kindness & Mercy,” and we indeed witnessed this as our staff and community came together to support one another during the outbreak of COVID-19. This year’s annual report shares stories of perseverance, kindness, and love, as we each did whatever was needed to ensure the well-being of the students who we serve, along with the necessary care for members of our community.

Throughout all of the year’s challenges, the Ottawa Catholic School Board continued to be a global leader in providing Deep Learning environments for our students. This approach to authentic learning allows our students to live out the Catholic social teachings that are making a difference locally and globally.

The school year ended during a time when the world was turning its attention to equity and racism. We continued to implement our Equity Framework to be in a better position to support all students and to ensure that our staff have the skills needed to create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive learning environment.


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