The OCSB focuses on sustainability and making an environmental difference

The Ottawa Catholic School Board has a long-established board-wide conservation and environmental stewardship culture. Caretaking staff are trained regarding their school’s energy performance and given autonomy to think critically and make decisions relating to building operations. Educators model conservation practices through environmental clubs in every school. At the same time, students participate in initiatives that nurture the planet. Everyone is part of the solution. Caretakers, principals, administrative staff, and students work towards the same environmental goals.

EcoSchools Canada

All OCSB schools nurture a culture of caring for our environment. Students learn how they can make an environmental difference by participating in the EcoSchools Canada certification program and incorporating measures like environmental literacy, outdoor learning, litterless lunches, sustainability initiatives and more!

#ocsbEarth Month

April is Earth Month and throughout the month students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 participate in various activities, from gardening to litter clean-up, celebrating God’s creation and promoting environmental conservation and sustainability.

Integrating Environmental Learning

Our #ocsbEarth team works with educators to integrate environmental-themed events throughout the curriculum. The environment can provide an inspirational starting point for creativity in Math, English, Science and the Arts.

Committed To Environmental Stewardship

OCSB continually looks to incorporate sustainable environmental practices into its building projects. St. Dominic, St. Gabriel, St. Mother Teresa High School, and St. Patrick’s High School generate electricity through solar panel installations.

Leaders In Energy Conservation

The OCSB is a provincial energy conservation leader and consistently ranks as one of the top 5 performing School Boards. Last June, OCSB took over the number one spot in the province for energy conservation savings and efficiency as awarded by the Climate Challenge Network’s Sustainable Schools program.


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