Wishing our OCSB International Student Graduates all the best in their bright futures

As we come to the end of the 2022-2023 school year, we congratulate our OCSB International Student Graduates! We wish them all happiness and success as they embark on their next journey. Our graduates will always be part of our OCSB family; a community that will continually support them!

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OCSB International Students share their prom and graduation experience

Knowing that I’d be going to prom with one of my closest friends made the whole feeling and experience even better. Hopefully these bonds will stay after we graduate.

George – OCSB International Student from Ghana

“I took prom pictures with my host sister and one of my close friends; that picture is one of my favourites because in that special day I’m with two of my favourite people.”

Iris – OCSB International Student from Turkey

“These are my most beautiful moments.”

Christabel – OCSB International Student from Vietnam

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