Holy Trinity Catholic School teacher, Gabriel Leury, featured in Ottawa Life Magazine

Gabriel Leury is a teacher with the Ottawa Catholic School Board at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Kanata where he instructs primarily as a music and band specialist at the Grade 7-8 level. Gabriel teaches what is known at the Grade 7-8 level as exploratory studies, in which students spend one-third of the academic year each on music, drama, and visual arts. This prepares them for a Grade 9 selection in at least one of these creative disciplines and an eventual graduating high school requirement in the arts.

Gabriel has persevered during COVID-19, having adeptly switched to teaching drama, visual art, and social studies. It’s taken some ingenuity, especially where drama is concerned.

“The students are organized in a way that I go from room to room, we work around the desks and we make sure not to mingle,” Gabriel describes. “Imagine doing mime and tableau work wearing masks!” Students are also led through exercises in “Reader’s theatre,” which is a great example of how fine arts studies reinforce learning in other disciplines.

Read the full article in Ottawa Life Magazine: https://www.ottawalife.com/article/ottawa-catholic-teacher-gabriel-leury-brings-a-love-of-the-arts-to-the-classroom?c=34


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